Author: Oksana Rus

“Strange infatuation seems to grace the evening tide. I want you to be free, but it is your sorrow that has made a slave of me... I wish to know how to keep you... You rise like a tide in my oceans, shine bright like the moon over them, and darken the sky when you mysteriously leave... Forgive me, my Amphitrite, but you are all I know. The day is breaking now, the earth is dry and torn. I know you're tired from the violent storms. I do love you, and you are all I know. The look in your eyes has made a slave of me for eternity. Without you I seem to lose the power of speech. Without you, I am nothing at all. I once again feel you slipping from my reach. You grow me like an evergreen. You've never seen the lonely me at all. Let the wind and ocean water wash away a thousand memories, like sand. Gazing at this all you look back, turn around and continue to run... Run from the love that is chasing after... Exhausted and breathless you sit down on the diamond shore at last. Glance at the ocean - who could that be? Someone is coming. Worried, yet scared found, brought back to the one in search, you are truly happily thrilled to be in the arms of the one who loves...”


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Author: Suzy Kassem

Work: Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem


When you crave the answer to any divine question,
And are prepared to abandon yourself
To Truth and Time to know it,
You must first train yourself to distinguish
All that is untrue to get to Truth,
And to do so,
Learn to interpret every word and line
With the heart and mind of
A poet.

The language of Light
Can only be decoded by the heart,
And it has a very luminous
Mind and eye of its own.
However, if there is no truth in you,
You will not be able to see or recognize Truth,
So to you, nothing true will ever be

So learn to use your heart to recognize Truth
By dissecting it with the brightest light
As it was intended to be shone.
This is the only way,
The right way of Truth,
And the only way it
Will ever be